Sliding Pantry Door

We are still chipping away at improvements to our kitchen area. The faux soapstone black concrete counter tops are holding up fine, but the cabinets have never been great. We added some moulding and painted them this year, which made them prettier for sure. But you know, they're still junk, and they don't work well.

 photo 54.jpg

The biggest problem though is the layout is really cramped and awkward - especially with the dining area in here. We'd love to move everything around and start fresh when the time is right. It might be six months from now, or five years from now, but I've been making plans and Pinterest boards and visiting showrooms in my free time because I'm a crazy lady and I love this stuff. :)  I have dreams where I fret over inset vs full overlay cabinets (in reality thinking inset for uppers and overlay for base cabs), and long sessions with SketchUp doing elevations of double-height uppers. Good times.

 photo IMG_7853.jpg

Anyway, like I said, we are still doing little projects here and there in the kitchen and mudroom areas to make the space function better in the meantime. I'm hoping to really only do the permanent fixes from here on out - things that won't change during the bigger reno we have planned for down the road. One of the spots that doesn't function well is the pantry area.

 photo xIMG_7839.jpg

 photo IMG_7848.jpg

It's dark in this little hallway, especially when the doors are shut. Also, the doors catch on each other all the time so if someone forgets to close the pantry door, and you open the mudroom door, they slam together and lock you in! Then you'll have to stand in the mudroom with your face squished between the doors all Here's Johnny style, hollering for someone to come help. Lame.

 photo IMG_7831.jpg

I like having an interior door to the mudroom for lots of reasons, so that can't go, but I'm thinking about replacing the solid door with a glass paned door to let in more light to the pantry hall.

 photo cIMG_7843.jpg

And then I'd love to widen the door to the pantry just a bit and add a sliding door. I think I've always liked the look of sliding barn doors in other houses, but I never really planned on using one for myself. I think they are great space savers though and they don't always have to look super rustic. I'd love for mine to feel less "barn door" and more modern. Maybe with a simple paneled door on a pretty minimalist track? I've not been able to find a photo with exactly what I'm hoping for, but here are some of my inspiration images:

 photo 817b8e4983e31e02e1cf84432ce26dcf.jpg

 photo e0d801bd26ee3223848123d542b70d93.jpg

 photo pantry-cook-space.jpg

 photo 623935_max.jpg
 photo 623935_detail5_max.jpg

 photo 15_thumb1.jpg

 photo 700_barn-door-red-bestor-glendower-by-aaron-farley.jpg

 photo tumblr_n3k556RTFc1r081g3o1_500.jpg
Elle Decoration

 photo orange-sliding-barn-doors-0911-berman-xl.jpg
House Beautiful

I'd love to hear any tips you might have on sliding doors before I tackle this project. I'm waffling between ordering two narrow doors similar to the closet doors below and just seeing what I can find or make myself.

Vintage Jewelry Sale and Chairish Give Away!

Chairish is one of my favorite places to shop for unique vintage pieces (and it's also a super easy place to sell stuff using just your smart phone!).  They recently added a vintage jewelry section and I put up twelve of my favorite treasures this morning.

I don't usually have a hard time parting with pretty things since I'm always shopping and buying, but some of these pieces were really tough for me to list!! :) This vintage Bakelite and turquoise bangle is pretty much perfection, I think.

 photo cIMG_7754.jpg

(baby bump alert!)

 photo chairishselfie.jpg

Here's also a link to my collection of more than 50 jewelry pieces from other sellers that I have my eye on. I'm a huge fan of giving antique jewelry for holiday gifts and Chairish has made that easy as pie on all of us!

 photo ScreenShot2014-11-19at92409PM.png

And most importantly! ---> Chairish is kindly giving away a $150 gift certificate, just in time for the holidays! Go here to enter. Contest ends December 3. Good luck!


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Vintage Rugs on eBay

I was vacuuming yesterday in my bedroom and was admiring the way the light hits the deep blues and indigos of our rug. It's 12x18 and I paid only $250 for it!

 photo Rug8.jpg

I've found a ton of great rugs on eBay over the years. The funny thing is, you never really know what you're going to get when you buy a rug online. Photos can be so deceiving! Some sellers are better than others about providing a lot of images that have been color corrected, but you will usually pay more for the rugs from those sellers.

 photo Rug7.jpg

 photo Rug5.jpg

My secret weapon for finding cheap rugs on eBay is this search: Antiques then Rugs then the size you are looking for, and then sorted by Lowest Price First. I pop on over to that search every few weeks, just to see what's out there.

 photo IMG_5430.jpg

 photo Rug11.jpg

 photo Rug10.jpg

The best deals are usually from people that need to get rid of a rug and don't really care about the process or really too much about the price.

 photo Rug4.jpg

 photo IMG_7776.jpg

Sometimes you'll need to be a little... flexible when the rug arrives. We unrolled the blue bedroom rug after it was delivered and there were literally SHARDS OF GLASS everywhere! It was equal parts hilarious and terrifying.  We gave it a really good vacuuming before sending it off to the rug cleaners (which I recommend whenever buying a vintage rug) and it's all good now. I think I still came out on top. $250 for an enormous rug is a steal, broken glass or not! :)

 photo Rug1.jpg

 photo IMG_5977.jpg

 photo IMG_6603.jpg

 photo cIMG_5731.jpg

Feel free to share any links to your eBay rug finds in the comments section. I'd love to see what you've snagged! Do you have any tips or horror stories to share? :) Spill it.

Getting Ready for Holiday Guests

Our guest room has not really made an appearance on the blog yet because it had gone the way of most guest rooms and was filled with all the left overs. Any of the furniture that wasn't needed or wanted in the rest of the house somehow ended up in here before.

 photo IMG_6603.jpg

We're going to have some guests for the holidays though and it was time to finally get that room in order, so I was really excited when Target invited me to pick a couple of pieces from their holiday line to spruce things up. We took out some of the furniture that just wasn't working and added in a few cozy, neutral pieces to warm up the room and make it feel more seasonally appropriate. It was a fun and easy switch up!

 photo IMG_6439.jpg

Some of my favorite updates are with the bedding. We draped this red plaid flannel over the old headboard for a fun pop of color and pattern against the rest of the white bedding. The white faux fur throw at the foot of the bed is such a pretty textural addition too.

 photo IMG_6460.jpg

The duvet is old but the sheets are new from Target and they're adorable. I'd run to Target and grab a set if I were you - it seems like these have been flying off the shelves, and for good reason!

 photo IMG_6425.jpg

Nate Berkus has some cute holiday stuff right now too - this sweet black and gold star tray and the most amazing-smelling candle had to come home with me!

 photo IMG_6389.jpg

This little geode bookend is from Target too. I love how the bright pop of blue balances all the Christmas-y colors in the room. And I think the blue looks pretty with the wall color, which is Benjamin Moore's Horizon.

 photo IMG_6388.jpg

The vintage lucite desk got an upgrade with this little tufted bench. I love the brass x base and the pretty linen upholstery!

 photo IMG_6472copy.jpg

 photo IMG_6519.jpg

And how cute is the little porcelain stag head? I think it would make for a great ring holder, but how pretty would a pair be on a mantel? The matte finish is really gorgeous in person.

 photo 2IMG_6468copy.jpg

 photo 2IMG_6499.jpg

On the other side of the closets sits this old campaign dresser that we cleaned up and painted white.

 photo IMG_6524.jpg

It's a perfect place for a little potted Christmas tree that we planted in this cute gold bowl (are bowls-as-planters becoming my signature move? I love the look!). These little brass lions are actually place card holders, but they double as photo holders too. Maybe a holiday card or two will make their way up here?

 photo IMG_6561.jpg

The hammered silver side table is awesome. It's a little larger than you'd expect for a cocktail table, which I like. I might move this one downstairs somewhere. My love affair with brass is still going strong, but I am really into mixing metals these days. It feels like a breath of fresh air to have some nickel and even bronze finishes thrown in with all the brass.

 photo IMG_6547.jpg

Now that the guest room has been spruced up, it's time to get more organized with my holiday decorating for the rest of the house. I seriously can't wrap my mind around the fact that Thanksgiving is next week. Yikes!

 photo IMG_6606.jpg

I definitely needed this little styling exercise to get me in the holiday spirit, but I'm feeling it now. Plus, it was only 45 degrees out this morning when I took the girls to school. Practically arctic for Arizona! :)

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