Adding Paneling to Hollow-Core Doors

I've been pretty obsessed with raised paneling lately and when it was time to figure out something to do with the closet doors in the studio, I knew I wanted to experiment a little with moulding and see if I could make the cheap hollow-core door look more interesting for not a lot of money.

 photo IMG_3260.jpg

Here's a sort-of during shot of the studio, after we had painted the walls and done the floors and other trimwork, but before I did any decorating.

 photo IMG_1048.jpg

I remembered these wooden rounds from Home Depot and found some trim (it's called brick moulding) that was the same thickness as the rounds.

Natural Cleaning Products That Actually Work (and Don't Stink!)

Happy Earth Day tomorrow! I'm packing my bags for a quick New York trip this week. On Thursday I'll be hosting a fundraiser event that I'm really excited about. I have partnered up with the eco and budget-friendly appliance company, Amana, this year to share home ideas and tips that are also green and not expensive. Amana works a lot with a great organization called Trees for the Future. I hope you can join us for the fundraiser if you're in the NYC area. You can learn more about the organization and can RSVP for the event by visiting If you use the discount code AmanaFan, you'll get $25 off. :) 

Several months ago my wonderful friend Mara held a really cool natural beauty night, where we learned all about the best natural, non-toxic products to use on our skin and hair. It was totally eye-opening for me. Since then I've been putting in an effort to use less toxic cleaners in our house too.

For a while, it felt like every recipe for a homemade cleaner was pretty much just white vinegar, which... gag. Not my favorite smell for a bathroom. So I've been testing the waters of homemade natural cleaning products and I've found a few that 1) work really well, 2) don't require crazy amounts of time or weird ingredients, and 3) don't stink like vinegar.

 photo IMG_3489.jpg

 photo IMG_2495.jpg

First up is the most simple. I love the clean scent of tea tree (I don't ever like cleaners to smell too floral or sweet). I bought a starter set of essential oils on Amazon for about $20 and I've been happy with the quality. The set comes with eucalyptus, lavender, orange, lemon, tea tree and peppermint essential oils. Not a bad deal!

New Oushak on the Landing

Thank you all for the kind words about the studio reveal! I hope all of you have entered the $2000 give away! I'll be posting more info and sources and angles of the room soon. :)

 photo IMG_3510.jpg

While I'm working on those posts and tutorials, I wanted to share this pretty rug find with you! My friend Kendra Smoot tipped me off to an eBay listing for this beautiful little Oushak rug (what a friend, right!?). I think I got it for just over $100 and I love how soft and worn it is. It's slightly overdyed with blue and pink pastels. So pretty!

 photo IMG_3589.jpg

The Studio Tour! (and a HUGE Give Away from Domino and Keep!)

We've been working hard to decorate my little studio space this month! It's been SO fun to finally add color to the all-white room! I have a million projects to share with you all soon (Here are the tutorials on the DIY plywood floors and the baseboards, in case you missed them.)

 photo IMG_3223.jpg

Just like in my home and in my client's spaces, I wanted a good mix of vintage and new furniture and accessories in this space. I had been doing a little too much vintage shopping lately (gasp! possible?!) and we needed some newer pieces to sort of brighten the look up. My pink ikat Henredon sofas, the Widdicomb table-turned desk, the seriously beat up Plycraft chair, the reupholstered leopard Eames management chairs, the old Italian marble coffee table, etc. -- basically everything in the space was vintage, except the IKEA DIY malachite pattern desk.

 photo IMG_3074.jpg

Domino and I teamed up with to add a few of those new pieces I so desperately needed to my vintage mix, and I love what we came up with. But here's the great news: you can enter HERE to win a $2000 GIFT CARD to Domino's shop! Instant remedy for those of you in vintage overwhelm (like I was), or those of you who want vintage style, but don't love the endless hunt/bedbugs. :)

 photo IMG_3191.jpg

Here are the pieces I chose from the Domino shop, and a ton more photos of our studio below:

 photo JennyKomenda.jpg

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